Midweek Motivation


This quote from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer took me awhile to fully understand and to be quite honest, it’s still settling in from time to time.

Change comes sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly. Especially if we are shifting from a thought pattern or behavior that has been ingrained for years.

The quote I️ was most accustomed to, as I’m sure you are familiar with as well, “I’ll believe it WHEN I see it.” To have that turned on its head doesn’t quite compute at first reading - or even second, third...tenth or more.

Sometimes we have to mull it over and reread it a few times, let it truly settle into your psyche. But sometimes, we just have to give it a whirl. I know I️ have always learned best by doing and seeing.

It’s much easier to do what we are familiar with, even if it doesn't still align with where we are. It’s easy, it’s familiar, it’s comfortable. Doing something different is what’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar, more challenging.

HERE'S THE THING - chances are you know what doing what you’ve always done will get you.

What’s the harm in trying something different?

Worst case, you go back to the old way!

So why not try? What do you have to lose?

Seriously, is there really anything standing in your way or are you creating an imaginary barrier out of fear? Be honest and ask yourself. 

Today, I invite you to try something.

Hold a vision for something you want. Really HOLD the vision. Play the tape all the way through. Allow yourself to FEEL what living out this vision would feel like.

Could be something small or could be something big. Your choice.

Really TAP INTO those feelings. Think of it like watching a 4K HD show of your life.

Then, begin to believe this vision.

Take notice of what happens in your body when you do this visualization exercise. Maybe you smile, maybe you physically feel an energetic shift, maybe you feel yourself relax, or perhaps other visions come to mind.

Take a moment to write down what you experienced. Just allow yourself to free write what you witnessed in yourself, how you felt, what you saw. No editing - just writing, let it flow

This might seem weird at first. I get it. It was weird to me too. When I finally let go of any preconceived ideas or judgements that it was silly, weird, or simply not believing something like this actually works.

When I️ let go and said why not give it a whirl. When I realized I knew what my old way of thinking had got me and I didn't have anything to loose. That’s when the power of Dr. Dyer’s statement started to settle in. That’s when the power of this exercise occurred for me.

Give it a try today or this week. I’d love to know what you think. What would happen if you believed in your dreams a little more?

Believe it, then you’ll begin to see it.

Namaste friends, 


Brandyce Stephenson