This is part of my morning ritual. My morning prayer - four simple phrases.

This came to me at a point when I was open to listening to the nudge that was calling.


I began really honing in on being open, tapping into my intuition, and receiving clarity in my life.

When we are open to life around us, we receive so much.

Personally, I believe God/Spirit/the Universe, speaks through people and experiences. Our only job is to be open to those moments.

We get what we look for. We get what we need.

The painful sorrows and blissful joys hold lessons if we are willing to receive them. I know it’s hard sometimes.

Today, I hope you get what you need and that you are willing to receive. I hope this serves you in some way.

Namaste friends. 🙏

Do you have a favorite morning prayer, affirmation or other practice? I'd love to hear about it.