Meditation & Spiritual Mentoring


Meditation is my medicine. 

I believe we all have a connection to spirit. Some call it the Universe, Spirit, God, or Source. Some identify with the religion of their youth and others run from it. I'm less interested in what you call it or name it, but only that you are willing to begin a relationship with it.

Over the last 10 years, I have developed and nurtured a connection with  power greater than myself and I rely on that power daily. Practicing meditation has allowed me to deepen that connection and I want to share this beautiful way of living with you. 

If you want to deepen your spiritual practice and feel more grounded, I'd love to share this with you. Perhaps you have tried meditating before and got frustrated and gave up, I'd welcome the opportunity to help you return to your practice. Completely new and don't know where or how to begin? I'd welcome the opportunity to hold space for you to explore this beautiful practice.